Elementary Dialogues

Başlangıç Düzeyi Diyaloglar
Elementary Dialogues

I Live in Pasadena Read

I Have a Honda Read

Do You Have a Girlfriend? Read

Walking the DogRead

Borrowing Money Read

Going to the Beach Read

My Wife Left MeRead

What's on TV?Read

A Nice Place to Live Read

The New MattressRead

My Laptop Is So SlowRead

How about a Pizza?Read

The New HouseRead

Fish Are EverywhereRead

A Bad BoyfriendRead

Talking Animals Read

Housecleaning DayRead

A TV LoverRead

Write to Your Grandma Read

Are You Sleepy? Read

God Is WatchingRead

Feed the CatRead

Shave Your FaceRead

Two Polite People Read

Give Me a PuppyRead

Kittens to Give AwayRead

Happy in Heaven Read

His Line Is Never BusyRead

Friday the 13th Read

Do You Love Me?Read

Dad Has a Girlfriend Read

What's That Smell? Read

They Deliver Read

A Lost ButtonRead

Did You Say Something?Read

Washed and Folded Read

Talk RadioRead

A Bad Diet Read

A Ham Sandwich Read

Time for Your BathRead

A Black ScreenRead

A New Hard Drive Read

Your Email Address Read

Time for a Nap Read

Thinking about His Funeral Read

The Elephant Read

You Can Have Some of My Friends Read

If You Cheat, You Will DieRead

Let's Not Go Out Read

Fill Out the Form Read

The Animal ShelterRead

Is It Raining? Read

It's So HotRead

A SnowmanRead

The ATM Read

Move the Blue BinRead

Digital TVRead

Just Shoot MeRead

Don't Be a Racist Read

Use a TissueRead

Two Little OnesRead

But Is It Art? Read

Life Is for LivingRead

A Tough Choice Read

Patch It or Sew It?Read

What's So Funny? Read

Spanish Spoken HereRead

It's the Only Earth We've Got Read

No Time for Rhyme Read

Dumb and Happy Read

Live from NBC 4!Read

Life after Death Read

Wipe Your FeetRead

Mother's DayRead

A New Flag Read

Work up an AppetiteRead

Dialing for a DollarRead

I Go to College Read

A Lost PenRead

Gravity for All Read

New GlassesRead

School ItemsRead

A Good MagazineRead

Shake Your PenRead

Do Your HomeworkRead

The SoldierRead

The English MajorRead

No ParkingRead

Keep Your Eyes OpenRead

Two Plus TwoRead


Hit and RunRead

What Will People Think? Read

Don't Ride the BusRead

Don't Cut the TiresRead

The CrosswalkRead

It's Okay to SpeedRead

Check Your TiresRead

Don't Be in a HurryRead

I'm Going to ExplodeRead

The Missing CarRead

Too Many Cars Read

Don't Call the PoliceRead

Wash the CarRead

Windy WeatherRead

Two Birds with One StoneRead

Beat the LightRead

A Dream Car Read

A Bad Driver?Read

A Slow WalkerRead

Beware the CartsRead

A StomachacheRead

A Blood StainRead

Sore FingersRead

Too Much StressRead

A Paper CutRead

Cigarette SmokeRead

Nose DropsRead

Skin CancerRead

Quitting SmokingRead

A Bad BackRead

Three a DayRead

Brush, BrushRead

A Hot HikeRead

Another PimpleRead

No Need to WorryRead

A Dirty RemoteRead

An Earful of PainRead

A New FaceRead

A Sore HandRead

A Great MovieRead

A Card GameRead

I Have Four AcesRead

Too Much VolumeRead

Don't Waste Your MoneyRead

Rained OutRead

A Sip of CoffeeRead

A Chilly DayRead

A Crazy DriverRead

It Isn't NewsRead

The Great WallRead

The Beatles Read

See a Movie Read


Free MoneyRead

Old MoviesRead

Something for NothingRead

Judge JudyRead

A Good SingerRead

Going Digital Read

A Blind DateRead

Let's Have DinnerRead

Blue EyesRead

True Love Read

Ask Her OutRead

A Night by HimselfRead

Go on a Blind DateRead

Two PineapplesRead

One Date OnlyRead

A Bad DateRead

Sweet DreamsRead

I Love You More than MoneyRead

A Good NoseRead

I Feel Like ChineseRead

A Slow Burger Read

A Good LunchRead

A Bad SteakRead

Dirty NailsRead

Hot BreadRead

Fear of GermsRead

Bad ServiceRead

A Good TableRead

Do I Hear $60,000?Read

Take Me to the Ball GameRead

Golf Is SillyRead

I Love Baseball Read

New ShoesRead

I'm Worried about TigerRead

Where Is Tiger From?Read

Babe RuthRead

The Season's OverRead

Cheap SeatsRead

Golf Is No PicnicRead

Too Much CrimeRead

No One Ever LeavesRead

Fire and Smoke Read

Play with Fire Read

Fasten Your SeatbeltRead

Use the StepladderRead

A Puddle on the FloorRead

The Fire AlarmRead

Double-Check EverythingRead

Guns for AllRead

Crime ReductionRead

Two Different StatesRead

Beautiful HawaiiRead

A Real MealRead

New Sheets Read

The Airport Read

A Christmas FlightRead

Fear of FlyingRead

A CruiseRead

Prepare for TakeoffRead

The Grand CanyonRead

Hotel HellRead

A Long DayRead

A Free TripRead

Serving Your CountryRead

I Need a Job Read

Before Going to an InterviewRead

Peas in a PodRead

I Am a BabysitterRead

Hire MeRead

What If?Read

Become a TeacherRead

Over and OverRead

A Bad BossRead

Light My FireRead

Still WorkingRead

All His Eggs in One BasketRead

His Parents Are DisappointedRead

Nice DoggyRead

Knock, Knock!Read

A Good SaladRead

We Get Cheese from CowsRead

I Used to Work in a DeliRead

A Bad CombinationRead

Bad MannersRead

Same Old DietRead

A Pink OrangeRead

Roasted or BoiledRead

A Pound a WeekRead

No More for MeRead

Don't Be LazyRead

A New DietRead

I Like That Shirt Read

Pants That Fit Read

The Shopping ListRead

Poor PocketsRead

Wipe Everything Read

The 99 Cents StoreRead

PC or Mac? Read

Bad BusinessRead

Sharpen the PencilRead

To save MoneyRead

A New HouseRead

We Can't Afford This HouseRead

On the CornerRead

A Great ApartmentRead

Fix the Doorbell Read

Almost PerfectRead

Almost Perfect Read

Sell NowRead

Who Cares? Read

Hungry Bears Read

Yes, We Can Read

Don't Vote for HimRead

He Got ReelectedRead

Change Is Good Read

A Powerful PositionRead

A Traveling ManRead

Vote for RalphRead

Why Vote?Read

Every Vote CountsRead

George Tells Jokes Read

Give Us MoreRead

They?re LyingRead