At the Post Office (Postanede)

At the Post Office (Postanede)
At the Post Office (Postanede)

Postal clerk: — Buyrun, bayan?

Mrs Ryefield: — Fransa?ya mektup göndermek için pul ücreti ne kadar?

Postal clerk: — Hava yolu mu, kara yolu mu?

Mrs Ryefield: — Hava yolu, lütfen.

Postal clerk: — 85 cent lütfen.

Mrs Ryefield: — 4 pul lütfen. Ne kadar yapıyor?

Postal clerk: — Üç dolar, kırk cent.

Mrs Ryefield: — Buyrun.

Postal clerk: — Yes, ma´am?

Mrs Ryefield: — How much is a stamp to send a letter to France, please?

Postal clerk: — Air mail or surface mail?

Mrs Ryefield: — Air mail, please.

Postal clerk: — That´ll be eighty-five cents.

Mrs Ryefield: — Four stamps, please. How much is that?

Postal clerk: — Three dollars and forty cents.

Mrs Ryefield: — There you go.