Elementary Reading

Başlangıç Düzeyi Okuma Parçaları
Elementary Reading

A Baby and a SockRead

Birds and a BabyRead

A Cat and a DogRead

The Baby BearRead

An Apple PieRead

The Top Bunk Read

Ask SantaRead

A Birthday Bike Read

In the GardenRead

Today's Mail Read

Boys Will Be Boys Read

A Good Meal Read

No Food, No JobRead

No Friends for Me Read

Life Is GoodRead

Tell the Truth Read

Corn for People and AnimalsRead

God Loves BabiesRead

Don't Be LateRead

A Clean CarRead

Just a CoughRead

Rain and Hail Read

At the Bus Stop Read

Brown and Blue EyesRead

Farm AnimalsRead

Wash Your Nose Wash Your Nose Read

Catch Some FishRead

An Impolite BirdRead

Daddy Likes BeerRead

Bears and a PigRead

She Wants to RideRead

A Second JobRead

A Short Plane Ride Read

A Windy DayRead

Snowed InRead

Try to Tell the Truth Read

A Bad EconomyRead

The Birthday Party Read

Plants Need WaterRead

Life Will Be Better Read

A Lucky Day Read

My Family's House Read

Wash Your HandsRead

She Writes Letters Read

A Bus AccidentRead

A HeadacheRead

She's So Hungry Read

Basketball in LA Read

A Hard Head Read

Homeless PeopleRead

A Day at the BeachRead

Thank You, MomRead

The Check for RentRead

At the CasinoRead

Life is a RainbowRead

Squares and CirclesRead

Don't Be StupidRead

New KittensRead

My GirlfriendRead

Don't Be FatRead

A PizzaRead

What Do You Wear? Read

My Dad Read

Junk Mail Read

My Best FriendRead

More Good News, PleaseRead



He Loves Birds Read

Roses Are Red Read

Violets Are BlueRead

I Have a QuestionRead

Do This, Daddy SaysRead

Don't Do This, Mommy SaysRead

A Bad BoyRead

The CigaretteRead

A Smoker QuitsRead

A School DayRead

People Are PoorRead

New LipstickRead

Things to DoRead

Daddy Is WatchingRead

It Looks Like Rain Read

An Old DogRead

New York CityRead

He Climbs TreesRead

A Drunk DriverRead

A WeddingRead

Peanuts and HamRead

I Want to SwimRead

A New LawRead

She Plays GolfRead

The Fat ActressRead

A TornadoRead

Two Men Read

A Big CatRead

He Loved HerRead

The FireRead

The Fire Read

Do the Laundry Read

A Drunk PilotRead

A Free Breakfast for EveryoneRead

Make a SandwichRead

Fry an EggRead

Watch a DVDRead

Make Some CoffeeRead

Get DressedRead

Buy a Lotto TicketRead

Brush Your TeethRead

Vacuum the CarpetRead

Change a Light BulbRead

Change a TireRead

Peel a CarrotRead

Make Some ToastRead

Two BabiesRead

Problems at HomeRead

What's That Smell?Read

Time to ShopRead

Fix the CarRead

Take a DriveRead

A Thief on the SidewalkRead