Simple Reading

Başlangıç Öncesi Okuma Parçaları
Simple Reading

A Good Boy Read

A Long LifeRead

Barking DogRead

Lost PencilRead

Horse RiderRead

Row Your BoatRead

The JumperRead

Red BerryRead

Chocolate MilkRead

Go to WorkRead

Fresh FishRead

Buy a New CarRead

A Thin ManRead

A Funny StoryRead

Bug in a BottleRead

Clean Hands Read

Who Is It? Read

Trash DayRead

Cold WeatherRead

Add NumbersRead

Write a LetterRead

Short Girl Read

The FarmRead

Tenth BirthdayRead

His Red Bike Read

New Shoes Read

A New CarRead

The SwimmerRead

Piano Player Read

The RunnerRead

A Simple Salad Read

How Rude Read

Clean the Apartment Read

Write a CheckRead

Melted Cheese Read

In Love Read

Work, Work Read

No EnergyRead

A Fast DriverRead

A New Baby Read

Questions Read

Swimming Pool Read

Bug LoverRead

Earthquake Read

Losing WeightRead

No JobRead

Poor Dog Read

A Storm Read

Good TeacherRead

Bad BoyRead

Cancer Read

Money in the Bank Read

News Every DayRead

The Flu Read

Patty's Doll Read

The Shoe Shine Read

Dear God Read

Birthday Card Read

Wants to Die Read

Two AspirinRead

No More Apartment Read

Use Soap Read

A Happy CatRead

Girl FightRead

Scrub the Floor Read

Sally's Cold Read

Apple for the Teacher Read

A Farmer Read

A Piece of Paper Read

Try to Sleep Read

A New Name Read

Go to Your Room Read

Drunk Driver Read

A Shot in the Arm Read

A Loud Radio Read

Eggs and Apples Read

A Place to Eat Read

Red Rubber Ball Read

His New Book Read

Lulu's Letter Read

Chicken Soup Read

Red, White, and BlueRead

Fly Away Read

Hungry Birds Read

Water and an Apple Read

Washing Her Hands Read

Eat a Peanut Read

A Paper ClipRead

Wash the Clothes Read

Start the Car Read

Dead Batteries Read

More Milk Read

Drain Opener Read

A WheelchairRead

Fresh Salad Read

Trust God Read

A Summer JobRead

Collect Coins Read

A Clean Floor Read