Present Perfect Tense


1) A: Can I use the computer please? B: Sorry, I my homework yet. (finish)

2) A: Is Paul enjoying his holiday in Australia? B: I hope so, but his mother from him. I think she's a bit worried, ( not hear)

3) A: Can I borrow your 'Shrek' DVD? B: Sorry, I it. I don't know where it is. (lose)

4) A: Let's go and buy our tickets for the 'Pets' concert. B: Don't worry. I already them, (buy)

5) A: Does your dad like his new car? B: Well, he it yet, because he hasn't sold the old one. (get)

6) A: I've got my driving test next week. B: How many times you it? (take) A: This is the third time.

7) A: Let's take your parents to that new restaurant. Do they like Japanese food? B: I don't know. They never it. (try)

8) A: Are you going to Pat's party tonight? B: I don't know. Who he ? (invite) A: All the usual people I think.

9) A: I enjoyed reading that new novel by Sarah Cunliffe. Is it her first book? B: No, she three, but I think this is her best, (write)

10) A: John looks thinner, doesn't he? B: Yes, I think he weight. (lose)