Present Perfect Tense


1) Maddie (not / listen) to music for a long time, she (to be) busy these days.

2) Brit (spend) two hours playing on her PC today, but she wants to finish the game.

3) Robert (not / send) any emails up to now, he (not / finish) doing his homework yet.

4) Susan (win) the first prize in a school competition, everybody congratulates her.

5) Nicky (never / have) a yellow balloon before, she really likes this one.

6) Victoria (always/ make) castle on the beach when going to the seaside.

7) Kate (receive) a new bike from her parents, she is riding it in the park.

8) I (not / go) to Jack's concert so far, but I am sure he is the best singer I (ever/ hear).

9) Tim (just/ have) breakfast, so he mustn't be hungry anymore.